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Banana leaves illustration.

Victoria Faith Banana Leaves

  • Limited edition original Giclée Fine Art print by Victoria Faith.


    Victoria crafted an art piece that captures the essence of a fun and hot summer. The green pastel tones are reminicent of a cool, calm drink in a hot humid climate - a reflection of Victoria's life in Fiji and move back to New Zealand for a Summer Christmas.


    Choose from two sizes: 


    • Small 200mm x 200mm
    • Large 400mm x 400mm


    Please note that the orders for Christmas cut off must be made before December 15 to guarentee arrival of prints before Christmas.


    Purchase the rest of the 5 prints in the Summer 18 Collection to complete your collection.


    Colour Giclee print on 235gsm Epson watercolour paper – 50+ Years Fade Resistant

    Hand drawn prints by Victoria Faith, Summer 18 Collection

    Prints will be posted in a cardboard envelope to ensure they arrive safely.

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