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An influential lifestyle

Victoria is a designer, illustrator, cruelty free makeup artist and beauty vlogger. Victoria is also a vegan.

Having spent the 18 months living in Fiji and experiencing life in a developing country, she is more conscious than

ever of the beauty around her. If she's not at the gym or designing up a storm she's creating beauty and lifestyle vlogs and updating

her social media channels regularly with beautiful and carefully curated imagery -- all with a focus on cruelty-free and sustainable living.


She leads a healthy, vegan lifestyle which reflects her approach to life and encourages woman to be confident on the inside and out.

Victoria wants to share her experiences of being a normal girl living a life that produces the least harm to herself, the planet

and the animals and how easy it is to achieve!

Victoria shares her experiences and beauty looks to her 30,000+ global and local fans across her social media accounts.

Some of the amazing clients who have collaborated with Victoria
My Channel

My Channel

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