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Bespoke illustrations for commercial or personal

As a designer and illustrator, Victoria provides creative flexibility that makes for dynamic design.


Victoria enjoys telling a story through illustration and art. Her ability to illustrate what you are trying to portray brings

a different element to your brand story. With dimension and layering you can bring it to life!

Victoria can apply this story telling through a number of styles, including but not limited to, a more painterly style

together with vector graphics depending on the story and brand aesthetic.

Victoria enjoys creating illustrations for brands as well as custom work for personal projects.

Please browse through some examples of Victoria's work below or visit the SHOP page to own your very own Victoria Faith illustration.


If you are interested in commissioning a custom piece, or working to bring your brand to life,

then get in touch with her through the contact form at the bottom of this page.

Clients Victoria has had the pleasure of working with
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